"Art is Freedom"

"Simply put, one of the best fantasy artists to hit the scene" - Artist George Christodoulopoulos

Having been a telecommunications officer, a dispatcher, an accountant and an auto mechanic, nothing gave me an inkling that I would possess the ability to paint or draw anything. If you told me you thought I could, I likely would have laughed at you.

Then, one day, out of the blue, being given some art supplies as a Christmas gift from my father, (and these items sitting in a drawer for several months), I decided for hilarity sake to give it a go. My very first painting, "Tantric Captive" enlightened me to the fact that I seriously needed to explore this further.

I have discovered who I truly am, I am a Modern Urban Gypsy.

I find no art medium off limits, a maverick, diving into anything, everything, I love it all.  Master of some, amateur at others, it doesn't matter.  I love what I do.  I've had to shake off a few naysayers, because I don't exactly go by the book, I don't play by the rules, I'm not trained, I've no degree, and frankly, I don't want one.  No need for someone to squeeze the creative life out of me, says I.   

Art has in all its manifestations filled my very soul. I thank that decision one day, to make a date with a paintbrush.

Me and the long suffering hubs, King Richard's Faire