About the art itself...

All of my artwork begins as a sketch, either on paper, or sketched using the modern technology of a Wacom Cintiq tablet. The tablet performs exactly like a real sketchpad/canvas, which I draw or paint directly on. In either instance, the process is the same.

Pastel work:

Pastel work is made using a base sketch, in either pencil directly onto the pastel paper, or, sketched on the Cintiq tablet, in which case my sketch is cleaned up, and then printed directly onto the artists paper. I use both Canson and Fabriano heavy weight pastel papers, and Faber Castel Pastel Pencils. Artworks are then created using a layering technique of placing down colors, applying a fixative, and then further adding color to build up rich saturated images. Working in pastel has its own unique qualities, and prints made from the originals will always differ slightly and require digital touch up. This is because of the nature of the pastel, which absorbs light and the texture of the paper can distort the reproduction. Also, pastel works being extremely fragile are only offered framed, (these frames are for viewing, and shipping/travel purposes only, the cost is for the artwork, not the frame).


Watercolors are created using a combination of watercolor pencils, and Pelikan German transluscent and opaque watercolors. Extremely dense and heavy papers are used to take the saturation of water applications. Original watercolors are available framed or matted. In some combination works, a watercolor based painting is finished with an overlay of pastel pencil to sharpen colors and details. In the instance of an overlay, the Originals are available framed, to protect the pastels from damage.


This is precisely what it sounds like, a simple run of the mill mechanical graphite pencil. Sketches are done on smooth bristol paper, and depending on the finished outcome, black ink may be used to deepen shadows and make the image pop. Original graphite sketches are available matted.

Digital paint:

Digitally painted works are created using the same skill-set and techniques as traditional artwork, with the added benefit of all the bells and whistles that come with technology. In these works I am able to use the same talents with a higher level of control and detail. Artwork may be expanded to incredible sizes to allow me to paint individual strands of hair, eyelashes, fingernails, which when collapsed give a startlingly realistic quality. This is not drawing with a mouse, but instead drawing directly on screen using the Wacom Cintiq. If you have no idea what a Cintiq is, you aren't alone, and you can get more information by clicking here about the Cintiq. It works exactly like a drawing pad/canvas. Digital works of course have no "hard copy original", as the originals are digital. These works are generally on unlimited runs with exception of some rarely done limited run extremely large format prints.

3-D CGI:

If you have ever played a rousing video game, or marveled at the special effects in a movie such as Lord of the Rings, you will know what 3-D CGI is. A wireframe figure is built within a program such as Maya, and texture maps (hand painted) are made which wrap around the figure in a process called texture mapping. Figures of clothing, weapons, and hair are created in the same way, and once compiled are rendered out into a 3-D image. Out of all the mediums I use, I admit freely, this is the most difficult to create, and the most dismissed and misunderstood of the facets of my talents. To make my works I have used Maya, Poser, Bryce, Terragen, and Animator in various ways to gain the final artwork. Some works in CGI have taken three times the amount of time as a pastel painting. Most of the time, finished images are then imported into an art program to hand paint in various other details which would be too time consuming to texture map. Again being digital in nature, there is no hard copy original, and most are in unlimited runs of prints.

Combination works:

Since I can't seem to help myself, some works are created using one, or all, of the above mentioned mediums. Combination works are some of the most rewarding for me, encapsulating my skills in one final finished work. Combination works are denoted as such in the gallery.


All prints for sale, in the gallery, and, at venues are printed in house on an on demand basis. Since the artwork is not kept in bulk in storage stock, there may be a 24-48 hour lead time before your purchase can be sent on its way to your hands. Matting and framing is also done in house, and everything possible is done to ensure the quality of the artwork that will arrive to you.