Welcome to the creative dreamy realms of artist Kirin Stein-Heller

"Few artists can integrate the fantastic and otherworldy with such character and passion. She has that rarity, both a sense of the epic, and a sense of humor." - Jeff Mach - Founder Widdershins, LCC

An extraordinary world of artistry, from traditional art mediums to the newest technologies in the creative genre. Here you will find a rich diversity of styles and concepts ranging from medieval ruins, knights in armor, romantic images worthy of sighs, dragons (there must be dragons!), and soul stirring images of lengendary Norse, Celtic and Roman ancient culture, and much much more.

"Art is Freedom", is the motto that drives all of the wonderful, color rich and diverse creations of the artist.

Please enjoy your stay at the studio, learn about the artist, and gaze through the galleries. It is a great pleasure to transport you though the world of art.